Franchise Opportunities

Vending Machine

New Remedies Vending Machine

No Customer Contact, and self serving Vending Machines provide Franchisees with a unique business opportunity. Do you own an existing business, or have a friend who has a traditional inline store? The New Remedies Vending Machine allows Franchisee’s to enter the CBD space like never before. Partner with existing businesses, or drive a new customer base to your existing store through High CBD Consumer Demand. New Remedies Vending Machines incorporate age verification, and person present technology to ensure safety to minors, and limit your liability.


Ongoing Royalties and Fees

  • 2% Royalty Fee
  • 0% Local Marketing Fee
  • 1% Marketing and Brand Fund Contribution (National)
  • $150 Monthly Software License Fee

Vending Machine Purchase & License

  • Cost: $30,000
    • You own the vending machine outright with a 5 year license
    • Includes Set Up, and Training (if applicable)
    • Includes Merchant Service Processing
    • Includes Mobile App Age Verification Component
    • Financing available to qualified customers through eLease
    • First Month of Software License Fee Included
  • No Drop Vending System
  • H: 79”
  • W-56”
  • D-35”
  • W-990 LB
  • 9 Lanes Per Floor
  • 22” HD Touch Screen
  • Real Time Inventory & Sales
  • Full Customization
    • Outside New Remedies Vinyl Wrap
    • Customized Digital Screen
    • Ability To Expand to hold up to 3x the product (at additional cost up to 3x)

Additional Franchise Costs Include

  • Monthly App Age Verification
  • Insurance
  • Placement Marketing
  • Maintenance *as needed*
  • Third Party Restocking Fee *if applicable*

Startup Inventory

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Startup Inventory fully stocks the machine
  • Discounted Inventory back stock available if purchased up front (5% for Purchase over 30K, 10% with purchase over 40K, 15% off with purchase over $50K
  • Access to full line of New Remedies Exclusive Product Line & Resources
  • Additional Startup Inventory Purchase Discounts Available

Franchise Resources *additional costs apply*

These resources are made available to every Franchise through an exclusive backend web feature.

  • Radio Consultant
  • Print Media, Email & Online Advertising Partner
  • Non-Traditional Outdoor Advertising Partner
    • Billboards
    • Gas Stations
    • Public Transit and Bus Stops
    • Movie Theaters
    • Convenient Stores
    • Direct Mail