About Us

New Remedies is a fast-growing CBD infused franchise. New Remedies retail stores offer cannabinoid (CBD)-infused products including our proprietary CBD-infused skincare products, cosmetics, aromatherapy oils, massage oils, dietary and nutritional supplements, food supplements, candies, clothing, and vaping products. All brands carried in New Remedies stores are manufactured in California, which possess the strictest regulations that guarantee quality. Each brand provides full lab testing results, these results include an independent party Full Panel Test, as well as being category 3 tested, ISO 9000, and GMP Certified. New Remedies brands comply with the 2018 farm bill, which states that the hemp used cannot contain more than 0.3%. We require all brands available in New Remedies stores to use nano-technology while infusing their CBD, which creates the best quality compounds available. In simple terms, nanotechnology is the scientific process used to create more easily absorbed particles of CBD. Scientists extract CBD from hemp plants, and create nanoparticles, which are significantly smaller than what was originally extracted. These particles are so small that they can pass through the bloodstream much easier as well creating a product with better bioavailability, referring to the amount of CBD actually absorbed by the body.